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San Jose Ocaña has been in the family for over 100 years, and has always been a sustainable agricultural operation, which started mainly as a forestry farm management. In time, it evolved to be a fine coffee producing farm, serving only the prime specialty coffee market. This is mainly as result of its high altitude, good clayish soils and varietals.

Today, some forestry still goes on. All areas that are not exclusively coffee, are forestry, both planted and native forests.   

Our Goal

Every coffee bean that comes out of the farm has to have the best quality possible and it has to be produced sustainably. Every board foot of lumber has to have the best quality as well, and be produced through the most sustainable management, and all the legal permits and certifications available.

Our Mission

We produce the best possible coffee quality with the highest sustainability mindset, designed to be able to maintain it in the same way, through the coming years.


San José Ocaña was purchased in 1910 by de Lazo family.

The Farm

San José Ocaña is located in San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. It has a total of 175 hectares, 85 hectares for coffee and the rest for forestry and conservation. The altitude ranges from 1905 to 1955 meters above sea level. Its average rainfall is 1400 millimeters a year. For shade we use  mostly Grevillea or Silk Oak and native species.

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